Sporteams was founded in Florence, Italy, in 2018. Innovative Startup powered by passion for sport and aimed to support Sport Clubs through the digital transformation. Sport Tech as a revolution for Youth and Amateur Sort.


Sporteams close to Sport Clubs and Federationst

We know the problems and challenges of everyday Sport Club life: Sporteams helps Sport Clubs to manage their daily activities and to deal with their stakeholders and their fans.

How? With our sport tech solutions based on IoT and AI.

Our goal is to support the technological revolution of Youth and Amateur Sports helping Clubs and Sports Federations to accomplish their ordinary activities

Sporteams background

The first version of the Sporteams app was actually born in 2016 from a need experienced on the skin of the founders: first as parents, then as volunteers of a Florence Sport Club, they realized how amateur sport was still analogical and in strong digital delay.
Thus, the founders thought up solutions that could help their Sport Club.

The first Sporteams app immediately demonstrates its ability to simplify the internal processes and activities of sports clubs, with particular attention to more efficient and faster communication between the various members (managers, administration, coaches, athletes and fans), also responding to the need to a more detailed profiling of members, registered members and their relatives.

In 2018 Sporteams becomes a Startup, receiving an important response from the market.

Over the years we have updated and developed our apps, also thanks to listening to the needs of our customers.
Today Sporteams is a SaaS Company that produces and integrates multifunctional platforms for the management of Youth and Amateur Sport Clubs, capable of simplifying operational processes, connecting all users and managing payments.