The easiest way to connect Sport Club and its Federation.

From the collaboration with the Lega Nazionale Dilettanti Toscana ( Soccer Amateur National League -Tuscany Section), Sporteams Match was born: a Web App at the service of Sport Clubs to make all the passages with the reference
Federation faster and more efficient.
More than 730 Sports Clubs have already used Match and there are more than 20 non-approved sports fields identified and regulated by the offices of the LND Toscana thanks to our App. More safety for our athletes.

Easy and immediate

Schedule the calendar; send the match reports and, thanks to the integration with Sporteams Club, the match calendar will always be updated and synchronized with the LND data.

Sporteams Match

Sports club

  • Planning of the calendar of home games
  • Compilation and online submission of non-referee reports
  • Request for travel and postponement of tenders


  • Ratification and formalization of times, dates and places of matches
  • Reception and archiving
  • Online Reports Approval and rescheduling of dates, times and places of suspended matches

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Sporteams is partner of LND Tuscany