The company team is currently made up of 16 people including partners and employees. The core team can count on the support of a further 8 people including external collaborators and advisors for accounting, tax, administrative, legal, HR, communication and R&D matters.​

Ilaria Petrin


Luca Bassilichi

General Manager

Mauro D'Amato

Administrative manager

Lapo Bassilichi


Tommaso Orlandi

Account Manager

Filippo Mariotti

Sales Account

Simone Bartalucci

R&D Project Manager

Alessandro Barucci

IT Manager

Alberto Bartolini

IT Manager

Tommaso Forconi

Corporate Partner

Alice Mantegazza

Social Media Manager

Martino Sarti

Full-stack Developer

Lorenzo Coli

Front-end Developer

Josè Torres

Front-end Developer